Colin Hill

There are no Ideas but in things.

-William Carlos Williams

I try to be open to the things and objects that might cross my path in my day to day.  With these things, whatever type of things they may be, I attempt to draw out something that may be contained within.  There is a region between, a place where the thing, as it has up until now existed, breaks down and a new-thing emerges.  I am drawn to this region and to the potential things that dwell there, lying in wait.  The medium is unimportant.  Because the medium is unimportant, I use the material the work demands. These new things coming from old(er) things have transcended their intended role as the functional object.  The new things come to be conflated histories, transmitted and felt.  They can be reflections of us-plus.  I am interested in the natural materials and surfaces of the everyday, and finding ways to fit things together to possibly create something meaningful, or meaningless yet interesting.  Things tend to gather, like dust, in the periphery of our paths, at the corners and in the shadows.  Sometimes a new thing begins to emerge from out of that region between and sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes the thing needs more help to do this by way of other materials, objects, sometimes it doesn’t.