Statement of Practice

Colin Hill

There are no Ideas but in things.

-William Carlos Williams

No object has inherent meaning.

Utilizing found and reclaimed objects that are obsolete, unwanted, perishable, discarded, and unmade (among other things), I work to evoke the illusory balance of our manufactured environment, and to encourage a further look at and into the things that surround us. What do they have yet to reveal about themselves and us? How do we approach and understand them? I hope to draw out and generate hereto unseen connections between, and questions about, things and objects. By means of experimentation, I explore the fragmented histories and poetic forms of these precarious, impermanent and imperfect objects. Examined and re-examined, made and unmade, formed and reformed or deformed, stretched and compressed, these objects are imbued with potential, meaning-altering energy.